Recognising your professional qualification

Learn how your profession can be recognised in Germany at When do you need professional recognition? What is the procedure and where can I get information about recognising my profession?

The website offers information about professional qualifications and vocational training systems from abroad. This will give you a better idea of whether or not your professional qualification is suitable for a job offered by a particular company. The database “anabin” at also helps you compare certificates or diplomas attained abroad with German qualifications.

In order to ensure that your move to the region is successful and that you can find work quickly, the Free State of Saxony provides information about recognising professional qualifications attained abroad

The IQ Network Saxony site lists various options at Users can get free advice and obtain contact details for the relevant competent authority.

Further information from the IQ Network Saxony:

The recognition procedure costs money ‒ for example to cover the cost of translations, certifications, reports or procedural fees. However, as of December 2016 these costs can be refunded through the recognition grant. Please note: Your application for costs to be paid must be submitted before initiating a recognition procedure!

Got any questions? Please get in touch.

Together we will go over the requirements and options for recognising a qualification or professional experience attained abroad. We will provide you with information and arrange contact with the relevant specialist departments and institutions in the Erzgebirge district.

Your contact

Kristin Kocksch

Telephone: +49 3733 145 109

Nora Bräuer

Telephone: +49 3733 145 165

Kathrin Stellmacher

Telephone: +49 3733 145 161

Sara Unger

Telephone: +49 3733 145 162

Theresia Wanke

Telephone: +49 3733 145 160

The responsible chambers ‒ such as the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Crafts and the IQ Network Saxony ‒ will provide you with advice on the recognition of professional qualifications attained abroad.
Your contact to our partners from local authorities and specialist departments in the Erzgebirge district:

IQ Advice Centre IBAS Chemnitz

Fachinformationszentrum Zuwanderung Chemnitz
Annaberger Str. 105
09120 Chemnitz

Sächsischer Flüchtlingsrat e.V.
Henriettenstr. 5
09112 Chemnitz

Contact: Ms Claudia Riedel,
Ms Cornelia Schmidt
Telephone: +49 371 52020592 oder +49 371 3560218

Flyer “Advice on Recognition and Qualification”

Chemnitz Chamber of Crafts

Advice on professional qualifications in crafts

Professional Training Department
Limbacher Straße 195
09116 Chemnitz

Contact: Mr Andrè Pollrich
Telephone: +49 371 5364-269

Information from the Chemnitz Chamber of Crafts “Evaluating Professional Qualifications Attained Abroad” ​​​​​​​

Chemnitz Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Advice on professional qualifications from the fields of industry, trade, gastronomy and services

Chemnitz Region Education Information Centre
Straße der Nationen 25
D-09111 Chemnitz

Contact: Ms Antje Seltmann,
Head of Specialist Field
Telephone: +49 371 6900-1451

Flyer “Recognising Professional Qualifications Attained Abroad”