German for Professional Purposes

Understanding and speaking German is the most important requirement for being able to live and work in Germany. Learning the language or improving your German skills makes it much easier to find a permanent job in Germany.

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge) provides information about German for professional purposes.

Frequently asked questions

What is my current level of German?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages will help you assess your language level. It describes skills in writing, speaking, listening and reading.


Basic user


A1 - Beginner

A2 - Elementary


Independent user

(easy everyday language)

B1 - Intermediate

B2 - Upper intermediate


Proficient user

(high language level)

C1 - Advanced

C2 - Near-native speaker

What level of German is recommended? How can I find out my language level?

It is usually the employer that decides whether or not your German skills are adequate for the position advertised. Only for very few jobs must a certain language level be certified. In general, a minimum level of B2 is advisable for work. This level suggests that you are able to use German independently in everyday life as well as at your job.

Find out your personal language level with the aid of language tests (placement tests) offered at various institutions (adult education centres, language schools).
Your language level can also be determined online:

Where can I learn or improve my German in the Erzgebirge district?

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees will help you find regional language courses.Further services are listed on the Federal Employment Office’s KURSNET platform.

Language course providers

Cultural Educational Service
Erzgebirge District
Volkshochschule Erzgebirgskreis
(adult education centres)
in Annaberg-Buchholz, Aue, Olbernhau, Schwarzenberg, Stollberg, Zschopau

Mr Jens Kaltofen, Head of VHS
Telephone: +49 37360 72770

Ms Ines Göbel, Languages Department
Telephone: +49 3771 5655800

How can I work and learn German on the job?

There are many situations in everyday working life that require you to speak, read or write German: communicating with customers or work colleagues, understanding instructions or safety regulations and documenting work steps, to name a few. For this you will need not only good conversational skills, but a basic vocabulary in the field of work and employment. Language courses for occupational German are helpful here, in addition to using German day-to-day in the workplace.

Please contact your employer to discuss how the company can support you in learning German.

Tips and ideas are available in the IQ Network of Lower Saxony brochure “I Learned German on the Job”.

Further information can be found on the following info sheets from the IQ Network Saxony:

Got any questions? Please get in touch.

Together we will go over the requirements and options for learning or improving your German. We will provide you with information and arrange contact with the relevant authorities and institutions in the Erzgebirge district.

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Kristin Kocksch

Telephone: +49 3733 145 109

Kristin Kocksch

Telephone: +49 3733 145 109