About Us

The Welcome Center Erzgebirge is the first port of call for Erzgebirge companies and people moving to the region from Germany and abroad who wish to live and work here.

We act as your guide and have all the right contacts to help new Erzgebirgers get settled and make their home here. We put you in touch with the key departments and work closely with our partners to provide personal support and provide tailor-made solutions for you.

The Welcome Center Erzgebirge welcomes qualified professionals. We promote an open and welcoming culture in the Erzgebirge, to ensure that new arrivals feel at home.

The Welcome Center is a free service provided by Wirtschaftsförderung Erzgebirge GmbH and is based in the Technologieorientiertes Gründer- und Dienstleistungszentrum Annaberg, which is a services centre for technology-based start-ups.

Your Contact

Kristin Kocksch

Telephone: +49 3733 145 109

Nora Bräuer

Telephone: +49 3733 145 165

Kathrin Stellmacher

Telephone: +49 3733 145 161

Sara Unger

Telephone: +49 3733 145 162

Theresia Wanke

Telephone: +49 3733 145 160

Our Partners

The service centre helps people moving to the Erzgebirge from Germany and abroad to make their home here.

To this end, we collaborate with a range of regional partners.

Together, we provide information and advice on official and legal matters and assistance with house-hunting, childcare and leisure activities.

The Welcome Center Erzgebirge:

  • guides you on your journey from arrival to integration
  • makes contact with regional associations and agencies
  • provides information about what the wonderful Erzgebirge region has to offer
  • helps people help themselves

Wirtschaftsförderung Erzgebirge GmbH

The Wirtschaftsförderung Erzgebirge GmbH is the service provider for the Erzgebirge district as a business location.
The company provides a diverse range of services and expertise for businesses, start-ups, professionals, learners and investors in the Erzgebirge district.
More detailed information is available from www.wfe-erzgebirge.de