Welcome Center Erzgebirge

So, you want to come to Germany from abroad and live and work in the Erzgebirge region? Then we bid you a warm Erzgebirge welcome! We believe that cultural diversity and different life experiences enrich our region.

The Welcome Center Erzgebirge will help you get settled. We can assist with both professional and personal issues and provide information about the region. We know the right people to speak to about paperwork, house-hunting and everyday family life, and will ensure you feel at home in the Erzgebirge in no time.



You come from abroad und would like to work and live in the Erzgebirge region? A very warm welcome! What can you expect from the region? What do you need to consider on entering the country? Do you need a work permit? Where can you live? What do you need to do to stay here long term?

The Welcome Center Erzgebirge provides support upon your arrival in the Erzgebirge, including answers to any questions you may have and who to contact about what.



The economic area of Erzgebirge - with its small and medium-sized businesses - has great jobs to offer people who move here, whether from Germany and abroad: Go to the Erzgebirge Qualified Professionals Portal.

The Welcome Center Erzgebirge also provides information and support about working in the Erzgebirge – the region as a business location, success stories, further training, professional qualifications attained abroad, German for business language courses, how to integrate into a company.



Welcome to the Erzgebirge - one of the best regions in Germany to live in. The region has the whole package - from a good job for your partner, to excellent childcare provision to extensive leisure facilities.

The Welcome Center Erzgebirge will also help you settle into your new home. Together with our partners, we are happy to help new arrivals to the Erzgebirge to adjust to, and feel at ease with, any aspect of life.